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Jillary Designs is more than just jewelry, it’s jewelry with a cause.  Their Ray of Hope Collection was designed to help raise Autism awareness. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various organizations serving Autism and developmental disabilities. “The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that seem beyond our reach. In […]

Fashion is for everyone at all times including when you are interviewing.  How you present yourself can make or break your chances of getting a job.  I believe for an interview jewelry should be tasteful, understated, and appropriate for the attire.  One good tip to remember when deciding what to wear to an interview is […]

Adorn by Sarah Lewis

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Sarah Lewis is a designer to watch.  She has a shop in Philadelphia called Adorn, and her work has won several awards and has been featured in juried shows and exhibitions.  Just by looking at her work you can see her love of nature.  With the use of crystals and minerals Sarah creates  jewelry that showcase […]

Let’s Get Personal

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I can’t think of a more personal or public expression than what we wear on our bodies and jewelry is no exception.  Jewelry can mean so much more than just something pretty to put over that pink ruffled  dress.  A ring past down from your Grandmother or a brooch you picked up from your first […]

Here are some easy steps you should consider selling jewelry at craft shows to potential customers. 1. Never display on naked table, having a good clean cloth over the table gives good impression to the buyer. Keep the place clean, do not keep soda cans or food visible to customers. 2. Do not lay jewelry […]

Welcome to Jewelry Blog!

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Jewelry not only a glittering objects, it is a form of inspiration. From royals to common woman jewelry is a fascinating work of art, prized possession, status symbol and a form of memory. Interestingly jewelry comes from all kinds of material to accommodate all types of budgets. When we think of jewelry we think about […]