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Healing power of Gemstones

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Agate: Person warning agate can distinguish between true and false friends.
Ametrine: Stimulate the creativity.
Biotite: Believed to reduce tension and pain.
Calsite: Certain kind of color like brown and red good for metabolism and good for skin because of high calcium content.
Dumortierite: This stone relatively new discovered around one hundred years ago, reduce headaches and pain.
Flint: Has healing powers and great for respiratory diseases and blood purification.
Heliodor: This gemstone great for cramps and stiffness.
Kyanite: Have healing power to treat neck pains, hearing problems and creates positive energy.
Magnasite: Creates purity around it, keep away any false friends.
Mica: Positive energy, keep more active and promote calmer environment surrounding you.

Here are some easy steps you should consider selling jewelry at craft shows to potential customers.
1. Never display on naked table, having a good clean cloth over the table gives good impression to the buyer. Keep the place clean, do not keep soda cans or food visible to customers.
2. Do not lay jewelry on the table, hang them on a display necks and earring stands. Buyers can visual how your jewelry looks on neck or ears. These displays can be purchased for less than $5 a piece.
3. Keep a mirror, encourage the buyer to try your jewelry and have a look in to mirror. Give compliments, women like to be complimented.
4. Explain the components, beads, metals and intellectual creativity used in that particular jewelry. Customers like to know how you make them and what they are paying for.
5. Give your email and phone number to contact if any problem with product. Have reasonable number of jewelry in different price range. Selection makes customer to compare.
6. Do not make customer obligated to buy, it may create negativity in their thinking. Over selling make customers uncomfortable and make them to leave.
7. Guarantee and discounts are easily salable to consumers, so mark your price accordingly. Customers always like to pay less and durability gives them confidence.
8. Buy an easily foldable tent for shade. Keeping customers longer may create sales. Smaller tent costs around $150 to $200 consider this part of business expenses.
9. Prepare to accept credit card, most of the people does not carry enough cash with them, accepting credit card may be turn in to a bigger sale. Call the credit card company and get authorization for the amount so you get paid.
10. The biggest attraction in your place “your attitude and smile”. Do not get discouraged when customer leaves with no purchase. Smile and say some good words. Who knows he/she may come back or recommend to another buyer?

Chinese Freshwater Pearls

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Chinese freshwater pearls are gorgeous additions to a jewelry-maker’s repertoire.  They are of great quality, rivaling that of expensive natural pearls, yet they are much less pricey even than cultured pearls; in fact, freshwater pearls are available at wholesale prices from jewelry suppliers who import them directly from China.  This means that jewelry artists can make pieces featuring luxurious-looking pearls in earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings available to their customers at reasonable prices.  The pearl is the birthstone for those born in June and pearl jewelry is popular with brides and as a graduation gift.
The first record of pearls in China is from 2206 B.C.  Pearls were used by the wealthy and privileged in many Chinese ceremonies.  In an Imperial funerary rite, a pearl was placed in the mouth of the deceased to keep the body from decomposing.  Additional pearls and other jewelry were placed in the coffin with the deceased.  China now leads the world in freshwater pearl production.  Freshwater pearls take from three to six years to be ready to harvest; farming techniques are constantly being refined to remain competitive in the industry.  Most pearls go to Hong Kong, where they are sold in huge marketplaces amid fierce competition.
Both freshwater and saltwater pearls are fascinating because they are the only gem to come from living animals.  Freshwater pearls occur in mussels and saltwater pearls come from oysters; both types are formed in a similar fashion.  Some irritant enters the mussel and, unable to eject it, the animal coats the irritant with a secretion called nacre (also used for shell-building), eventually forming the pearl.
Freshwater pearls are composed entirely of nacre, giving them a luminous quality comparable to natural pearls.  They can be purchased half-drilled for rings, pendants and earrings, or full-drilled for necklaces and bracelets.  They require no cutting or polishing and since they are made of shells and thus very durable, they do not chip easily or wear down quickly.  They are available in many colors besides the traditional white, including pink, gold, black, green, peacock blue, and orange-pink.  They are also available in many different shapes including the familiar round and smooth to those with rougher, more natural-looking textures in shapes including biwa (a crooked oblong shape), button (round with one flat side), coin, diamond, rectangle, star, teardrop, and many more.  The diversity of colors, textures, and shapes allows for great creativity on the part of the jewelry-maker, and the relatively inexpensive price makes combining different styles in one piece of jewelry feasible.

Welcome to Jewelry Blog!

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Jewelry not only a glittering objects, it is a form of inspiration. From royals to common woman jewelry is a fascinating work of art, prized possession, status symbol and a form of memory. Interestingly jewelry comes from all kinds of material to accommodate all types of budgets. When we think of jewelry we think about glittering diamonds, fancy color stones of ruby, sapphire and emerald set in gold or platinum. Matter of fact these fancy objects of fine jewelry limited to kings, queens and rich people.
The real side of jewelry starts with people like you and me. The most interesting thing about this common woman jewelry is attractiveness of that jewelry piece has to that particular person. Rich people like to present their wealth and status with beautiful piece of jewelry, we look for beauty and satisfaction with in our budget. Does that means common woman jewelry made poorly?
When it comes to design aspects the ordinary people jewelry made by highly inspired artists who make these pieces without a drawn picture. These artists’ imaginations are endless, they are not bound by any limitations or supervised people. These jewelry pieces are created from heart and mind. Unlike rich people jewelry valued by carats and sizes, common jewelry does not have any appraisal value except for precious stone and metal the real value of this jewelry is creativity.
So what makes us to buy this non value jewelry? It is all about look, price and convenience. These jewelry pieces can be made of glass, shell, wood, gemstone, natural beads mixed with freshwater pearls, copper, brass, silver and gold filled objects. The real beauty of these objects together creates a sense of attraction which can not be taken away so easily.