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Adorn by Sarah Lewis

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Sarah Lewis is a designer to watch.  She has a shop in Philadelphia called Adorn, and her work has won several awards and has been featured in juried shows and exhibitions.  Just by looking at her work you can see her love of nature.  With the use of crystals and minerals Sarah creates  jewelry that showcase the natural beauty of the stones and other materials.  Her work is the perfect combination of  bohemian and modern styles.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area I recommend you stop in and see her work, it will be a feast for your eyes.

Let’s Get Personal

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I can’t think of a more personal or public expression than what we wear on our bodies and jewelry is no exception.  Jewelry can mean so much more than just something pretty to put over that pink ruffled  dress.  A ring past down from your Grandmother or a brooch you picked up from your first trip to Italy can have so much meaning.  Every time it’s worn it’s a reminder of that special person or place.  Sometimes the problem with this is that the piece of jewelry is outdated and doesn’t really gel with your current style.  My solution to this problem is to make something new out of the old pieces.  For example the necklace pictured here incorporated 2 pieces I hold near and dear to my heart.  You wouldn’t know by looking at it but this necklace is about my Grandparents. I took my Grandfathers old Marine pin and an old chandelier crystal from my Grandmothers house and created a necklace out of them.  I would never otherwise wear these special heirlooms but since I worked them into a fashionable necklace I get to proudly display these mementoes all the time.  It’s a really unique way to make a positive statement with your outfit.  So, I encourage you to take a second look at those important yet outdated pieces and incorporate them into something you can wear.

Gold Filled Leverback Leverback earrings are the latest trend in the jewelry market. These click and snap style of earring findings provide a well secured and elegant locking system for your precious pair of earrings. Its unique locking system allows the earring wire to snap into the lock so well that it prevents the earring from falling off the ear in any situation.

Sterling Silver Ear WireThe elegant English alphabet “J” shaped long earring wire of a leverback earring offers place for the application of decorating embellishments such as studs, pearls, gemstones or sequences.  Although leverback style earring findings are available in a wide array of materials namely silver, copper, brass, nickel, and platinum to name a few, the most popularly used metal for making such graceful yet simple earring findings is gold.

Leverback earrings offer a secure base and locking mechanism for the precious and expensive metals and ornamentation. One can wear precious gemstones in expensive metal without worrying about losing the earring due to a poor and inefficient lock. Leverback style earrings offer a great satisfaction coupled with beauty and grace to all the wearers. Such earring findings have gained a lot of praise since their launch.

Gold Filled Leverback

Jewelry Making Supplies The first thing every jewelry designer requires to start any of his projects is the right jewelry making supply besides a creative idea.  Whether it is for an experienced professional jewelry maker or for an amateur jeweler, the jewelry making supply helps the person get through the process smoothly. Ornaments are usually made from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and brass, to name a few.  Apart from the metal many embellishment such as crystals, pearls, beads, and gemstones also make an essential part of a jewelry making supply.

Jewelry Making Supplies There are two things that one must keep in mind before buying a specific jewelry making supply for his project. Firstly, the quality of the supply must not be compromised at any cost. Good quality material would make any jewelry project worthy of praise and admiration. Secondly, the designer must buy the jewelry making supply considering the interests of his target end users. If you are focusing on traditional and ethnic jewelry then you must buy heavy and expensive jewelry making supply, but, if the targeted buyers are young and modern then the supply could be light and cost effective.

One can find different types of jewelry making supplies in the market depending on his budget and project requirements to prepare spectacular ornaments and accessories.

Thanksgiving Day also known as Turkey Day is a harvest festival that falls on the fourth Thursday of November. One gives thanks for a bountiful harvest. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude friends and family. This is an ideal occasion to present someone you love dearly with attractive jewelry.

Gemstone BeadsJewelry encrusted with gemstone beads are perfect to express love to the lady in your life. Gemstone jewelry personifies the women’s soul. Gemstones are gorgeous, bright and precious. These qualities epitomize feminine spirit and grace.

For Wives and girlfriends the red color is appropriate. Ruby is the gemstone that is red in color and symbolizes love and romance. Your lady will be mightily pleased with the symbol of affection.

Sisters and daughters are associated with qualities such as serenity, caring and adoration. The aquamarine and pink sapphire jewelry epitomize these qualities.

These jewelry ranges from fully evolved elegant designs to jewelry specifically designed for young children. Sapphire is the stone which is used to express gratitude. It symbolizes purity and is the stone of the Sky.

Green emeralds make perfect gift for mothers symbolizing your gratitude for their unconditional devotion and love. The color green represents prosperity and good health.

House of Gems specializes in jewelry for the occasion of Thanks giving which come in a wide array of finely crafted products. Make this occasion memorable by presenting your dear and near ones with gorgeous jewelry.

Wholesale Beads

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wholesale beadsHouse of Gems Inc, is a leading supplier of wholesale beads. We have a unique and extensive collection of wholesale beads. We have our own factories to produce the required items. Hence we are able to give significant discounts on our products. Quality is both our vision and mission. We stand committed to supply our loyal customer base with high quality and affordable wholesale beads.Natural Beads

Competitors strive to attain the lofty benchmarks set by us. Our loyal clients swear by our passion and commitment to quality. We have leveraged the technology of the Internet to retain and improve our customer base.

Gemestone Beads

The beads we have include precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, glass beads, wood beads, natural beads and metal beads. Metal beads include the sterling silver beads, base metal beads, copper beads and gold filled beads. We are happy to offer 50% discount on sterling silver beads and sterling silver fancy beads when you make wholesale purchase.Wood Beads

We source wholesale beads directly from the suppliers. Hence there are no middlemen involved. Our methods and processes are both sophisticated and rigorous and designed to get the best quality material. We stand apart from the rest of the crowd in terms of world class customer service. Our transportation time is minimal and very reliable. Our customer base is rapidly growing daily. We examine our processes for improvement always. Hence, we endeavor to give our very best to our loyal clients.

Our name is associated with optimum quality and top drawer customer service and satisfaction.

These days every bulk jewelry supply dealer prefers to sell wholesale gold filled chains by foot. This is a convenient and most appropriate way of selling chains. Not only does the supplier benefits from this but also the buyer bags a great deal with such a purchase. Having chains by foot gives the jewelry maker a chance to use the chains as per their wish in desirable lengths without having to worry about wasting any of its part or strand.

Wholesale purchasing is by far one of the most convenient and profitable mode of shopping when the requirement is big and frequent. While being highly cost effective and appropriate this wholesale shopping might also prove to be a daunting task, especially, when it comes to shopping for gold filled chains as there are several chances for the customers to get cheated by clever wholesalers. There are three most important aspects to consider before buying wholesale gold filled chains by foot from a bulk dealer.

Find Reliable Wholesale Dealer: The first and most important factor to consider is finding a reliable and certified wholesaler before making the purchase. Many times people forget to enquire about the credibility and history of the supplier while shopping. They only focus on the availability and quality of the product instead of the track record of the dealer. One must always verify the dealer’s reputation on the market before dealing with him. For this, buyers can make use of internet facilities and run a thorough research on authentic and trustworthy bulk suppliers selling gold filled chains near desired locations.

Hallmark Check: All gold filled jewelry articles and supplies display a hallmark stamp on them that says GF along with the quantity of pure gold used in making the piece. Thus, one must always check for the certified marking on the gold filled chains as many wholesale dealers try to sell fake replicas of precious metals at the same price as the original. Alternatively, such artificial chains might also be priced at lucrative costs to allure customers. Thus, one must always be on guard and not get taken in by any such hoax offers and check for authentication seals.

Clarity: One must always purchase cheap gold filled chains through suppliers who offer 100% transparency regarding important factors such as their manufacturing processes, customer care services, pre and post sale facilities, terms and conditions, etc.

While buying wholesale gold filled chains by foot could be a highly beneficial deal for constant buyers it can also lead to great loses if approached ignorantly. Thus, one must always keep the above three tips in mind in order to steal the best possible deals on such purchases.

Sterling Silver jewelry is very attractive and popular among both men and women. Its stunning looks and great designs are a treat to behold. We look at the different types of sterling silver clasps that are widely used in many of the silver jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and chains.

Silver clasps are primarily used for keeping the different pieces of a jewel together. Nowadays, there are a plethora of sterling silver clasps. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and are endowed with different functionalities. They are continuously evolving and gaining in convenience and complexity.

One special type of silver clasp is the ubiquitous toggle clasp. It is generally in the form of a bar which is then put into the loop made up of sterling silver. Its usage is to act as a fastener.

A unique clasp is the silver lobster claw clasp. It is used in heavy duty jewelry which requires stronger links between its various pieces. Because of this it’s price is high, but it adds a distinctive touch to the jewelry. This considerably enhances its worth. This silver clasp is popular among the traditional jewelry makers. Silver lobster claw clasps are simpler to open and close by the user as compared to conventional spring ring clasps.

Toggle clasps come in two-pieces. They are attached to the opposite ends of a particular piece of jewelry. You can have them in different sizes and designs. Sterling silver toggle clasps are a common feature of most silver jewelry nowadays.

A fascinating type of clasp is the hidden clasp. They are designed to blend with the jewelry and are not visible when latched. You may also have safety latch just in case.

You have to push backwards on a tiny lever that slides along a circular ring to open a silver spring ring clasp. After that insert the chain attached to the jewelry part you intend to connect into the open circle. Subsequently, release the lever so that the clasp comes to a closed position. The silver clasp has a spring inside which keeps the ring shut until you want to open it. However, if the clasp is very tiny it maybe uncomfortable to operate. Hence ask for a larger size for your convenience.

Recent times have seen the emergence of the silver magnetic clasp. However, it is not used in heavy jewelry. But it is just right for small or medium jewelry. Ultimately, you make the final decision of purchasing the silver clasp. Take into consideration your convenience, budget and needs before deciding.

Gold filled jewelry is very much in vogue today among the adolescents, young adults and adults. Women give more importance to their outfit and prefer to wear jewelry that complements their dress. Gold filled jewelry is very popular among the party goers. Jewelry lovers pay close attention to not only the design of the jewelry but also to the elements such as clasps. They are concerned about the designs of the gold clasps of their bracelets, necklaces and anklets.

Today, gold filled clasp are considered as an integral part of gold filled jewelry. The gold clasps not only keep other element of the jewelry in place but also add beauty and elegance to the design. There are many different types of gold clasps available in the market. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Some of the clasps that are popular among the jewelers and commonly used in many of the popular designs include gold infinity clasp, swivel clasp, magnetic clasp, trigger clasp, lobster clasp, gold spring ring , tube clasp and multi-strand clasp. Remember, all these clasps are made of 14k gold and available with all reputed jewelers.

A gold clasp type that is mostly used in heavy jewelry is the lobster claw clasp. This clasp is designed in such a way that it not only helps to hold heavy findings of the jewelry but adds elegance to the design making the piece very rare and expensive.

Another beautiful gold clasp is the toggle clasp. Though it is bit expensive it gives beauty to any piece of jewelry. This clasp is commonly used in bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The function of the clasp is that of a fastener.

A contemporary gold clasp that is currently used by many of the jewelers is the magnetic clasps. This type of clasp is not only convenient to use but also blends with the various designs of the jewelry. The only drawback of this clasp is it cannot be used in heavy jewelry.

Gold filled clasp play a vital role in the making of a jewel because it not only holds all the components of the jewelry in tact but also adds elegance and sophistication to a beautiful piece of jewelry. Jewelry makers have a plethora of gold clasps of various sizes and designs to choose from. However, keep in mind to buy your gold clasps only from a reputed wholesale dealer. You would not only get a discount but also quality product.

Gold jewelry is mostly available in three different forms namely pure gold, gold plated and gold filled. It is very important for a buyer to understand the various factors effecting the quality and worth of gold. Before making the purchase it is extremely essential to learn about the two most important features of gold that differentiate its various kinds from one another.

Color Of Gold

Solid gold is found in three different colors such as yellow, white and rose pink while gold filled and gold plated jewelry is only available in yellow shade. The most commonly seen color of gold is yellow. The intensity of yellow shade depends upon the quantity of alloy metal mixed with it in order to achieve the desired weight and karat value. The yellow color of gold can vary from dark to light. The lighter the yellow color of gold the higher the karat value and the darker the shade the lesser the quantity of alloy base metal in it. For instance, 9k gold would be darker in color intensity as compared to 18 K gold.

The second available color is white. White gold is mostly used in diamond studded jewelry. It is an equally admired form of gold as its yellow counterpart. Pure gold is mixed with palladium and silver in order to get such a bright white colored gold metal. Once getting the desired metal consistency it is then coated with a metal named “rhodium”. It is due to this rhodium the gold gets its white color from. White gold is slightly more expensive than the yellow one because it is not very commonly available. Besides many advantages such as uniqueness and exclusiveness there is one major disadvantage of wearing white gold jewelry. As it is coated with rhodium, thus, it needs to be re-coated at least annually.

The other rare yet highly popular color variety of gold comes in rose pink color. This type of gold color is achieved by blending yellow gold with copper metal. This is a rather rare variety of gold and is thus highly expensive.


The hardness of gold filled and gold plated jewelry depends upon the hardness of the base metal. However, as pure gold is very soft to be used for making jewelry articles thus, it is as hard as the amount of alloy metal in it. Thus, 18K gold would be harder than 9K gold.