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A great way to play with your jewelry is to mix it up and wear all different colors of metals all at once.  The days of wearing matchy matchy jewelry are thankfully over!  Jewelry should coordinate but not necessarily match.  Once you see them worn all together they instantly “go” together.  Go ahead and take […]

Street Style

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Yes, that outfit looks amazing on the runway but how would one actually wear it?  Street style is where I get most of my fashion inspiration.  The designers do a wonderful job at coming up with beautiful clothes and accessories, but how the buyer then takes those clothes and styles them to make it their […]

Fashion Jewelry

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Oh the joys of fashion jewelry. People have been creating and wearing fashion jewelry almost as long as they have been wearing clothes. Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry can take on countless forms and numerous materials including paper, plastic, glass and just about everything else you can imagine. There are even people who create jewelry […]

Fashion is for everyone at all times including when you are interviewing.  How you present yourself can make or break your chances of getting a job.  I believe for an interview jewelry should be tasteful, understated, and appropriate for the attire.  One good tip to remember when deciding what to wear to an interview is […]

Adorn by Sarah Lewis

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Sarah Lewis is a designer to watch.  She has a shop in Philadelphia called Adorn, and her work has won several awards and has been featured in juried shows and exhibitions.  Just by looking at her work you can see her love of nature.  With the use of crystals and minerals Sarah creates  jewelry that showcase […]

Let’s Get Personal

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I can’t think of a more personal or public expression than what we wear on our bodies and jewelry is no exception.  Jewelry can mean so much more than just something pretty to put over that pink ruffled  dress.  A ring past down from your Grandmother or a brooch you picked up from your first […]

Leverback earrings are the latest trend in the jewelry market. These click and snap style of earring findings provide a well secured and elegant locking system for your precious pair of earrings. Its unique locking system allows the earring wire to snap into the lock so well that it prevents the earring from falling off […]

The first thing every jewelry designer requires to start any of his projects is the right jewelry making supply besides a creative idea.  Whether it is for an experienced professional jewelry maker or for an amateur jeweler, the jewelry making supply helps the person get through the process smoothly. Ornaments are usually made from metals […]

Wholesale Beads

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House of Gems Inc, is a leading supplier of wholesale beads. We have a unique and extensive collection of wholesale beads. We have our own factories to produce the required items. Hence we are able to give significant discounts on our products. Quality is both our vision and mission. We stand committed to supply our […]

These days every bulk jewelry supply dealer prefers to sell wholesale gold filled chains by foot. This is a convenient and most appropriate way of selling chains. Not only does the supplier benefits from this but also the buyer bags a great deal with such a purchase. Having chains by foot gives the jewelry maker […]