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A great way to play with your jewelry is to mix it up and wear all different colors of metals all at once.  The days of wearing matchy matchy jewelry are thankfully over!  Jewelry should coordinate but not necessarily match.  Once you see them worn all together they instantly “go” together.  Go ahead and take that gold ring and pile it on with your 2 silver ones.  If you are a little nervous on where to start here are a few tips to think of when choosing what works with what.

Your choices should look deliberate.  So an idea is to take 1 silver and 1 gold ring and wear them on the same finger.  I usually follow the rule that things look better in odd numbers so if you are going to wear 2 rings on one finger throw a third ring on another finger on the same hand to really make a deliberate statement.  If mixing stone color and metal color is a bit too daring for you, stick with one stone, say diamonds, but mix it up with the different color bands like Rihanna did pictured here. Remember that variety is the spice of life, so go express that through your rings, and have fun doing it!

Healing Jewelry

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Healingjewellery is hand made jewellery using gold or silver, Semi-precious and precious stones and crystals, it is jewellery that is designed for the healing of health, emotional or spiritual problems.
The jewellery is bespoke to the clients needs and is therefore a one off piece.

“The jewellery process is one that takes a lot of time, consideration and research as to the crystal that would best suit the wearer’s needs whether they be physical mental or emotional. This involves dowsing over birth charts and numerous crystal charts and checking on the compatibility of the wearer and the crystal.

The crystals are then cleansed before making and once again after and also energised with the sun or moon light and then programmed with Reiki. The Beaded work can take anything from 5 to 10 hours depending on the intricacy of the jewellery and also depending on the wearers requirements where there is a single crystal or multiple crystals.”

If you are interested in seeing more of their jewelry please visit there site here.

Jillary Designs is more than just jewelry, it’s jewelry with a cause.  Their Ray of Hope Collection was designed to help raise Autism awareness. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various organizations serving Autism and developmental disabilities. “The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that seem beyond our reach. In order to succeed you must remember there is always “A RAY OF HOPE”  All jewelry ranges from $25 to $239 so there is something for everyones price range.  You can check out the whole collection on the Jillary Design website here.  Enjoy!

Jewelry Profile: Velvetcide

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“Velvetacide embraces dark and light, rich and edgy aesthetics, sure to please many a soul.”  Halloween is just around the corner and how perfect are these sweet little Halloween inspired pieces by Velvetcide.  There are more than just Halloween jewelry as well so I encourage you to take a look at all they have to offer.  All the jewelry is from $10-$100 and can be found at there Etsy shop by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Street Style

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Yes, that outfit looks amazing on the runway but how would one actually wear it?  Street style is where I get most of my fashion inspiration.  The designers do a wonderful job at coming up with beautiful clothes and accessories, but how the buyer then takes those clothes and styles them to make it their own is what I love best about fashion.  How do you use jewelry to create your own personal style?  I’d love to know!

Fashion Jewelry

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Oh the joys of fashion jewelry. People have been creating and wearing fashion jewelry almost as long as they have been wearing clothes. Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry can take on countless forms and numerous materials including paper, plastic, glass and just about everything else you can imagine. There are even people who create jewelry from garbage. Choosing your fashion identity can be an easy one with fashion jewelry. You may be tempted to buy fashion jewelry at a very low price, and I say go ahead.  The beauty of this kind of jewelry is that you can wear it once and not feel guilty about it because you picked it up in the dollar bin.

There are many places to find fashion jewelry both off and online. You might try shopping at craft shows, specialty shops and just about every popular department store.  Yet, in my personal opinion I think making it is the most rewarding way to get your fashion jewelry.

Let’s Get Messy

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One of the easiest and most stylish ways to update any outfit is definitely a statement necklace.  Yes, the statement necklace is still the standout accessory that makes a look completely unique and eye-catching.
Big bold necklaces can be expensive but not if you make them yourself!  Here are three examples of stunning necklaces that are surprisingly simple to make.  No pattern to follow, just have fun and get messy with it.  Don’t theses pieces look as if someone just scooped a bunch of jewels from a treasure chest then just threw then on?  Well, that is the exact look I was going for, and you can do it too!  The beauty of this type of jewelry is that you can’t go wrong.  Tangle and tie chains together and when I find the perfect layout I secure the chains with jump rings. You can use finer materials such as sterling silver chain or gold filled chain or just chains that you have left over.  Either way it’s sure to be a hit.  Once you have the perfectly tangled chains put together take your choice of gemstone beads or some vintage brooches to give it an even more glamorous look.  You can find everything you will need for this project at  So go out there and make a mess of a statement and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!

In For The Long Haul

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Right now jewelry is a very important part of the fashion world and as far as I’m concerned the bigger the better!  Long necklaces are a gorgeous way to make a statement or just add a touch of fun to an outfit.  Long necklaces are also a wonderful way for petite and full figured women to give the elusion of an elongated frame.  Check out these long necklaces to inspire you to go ahead and make some of your own.

Fashion is for everyone at all times including when you are interviewing.  How you present yourself can make or break your chances of getting a job.  I believe for an interview jewelry should be tasteful, understated, and appropriate for the attire.  One good tip to remember when deciding what to wear to an interview is that you want to emphasize your professionalism and not your fashion taste.

Jewelry worn to an interview should be neutral and not too revealing in tone.  Wearing something that is overly religious, pet, horoscope, or even hobbie related can only hurt your chances at landing the job.  You want to make sure you keep the interviewer focused on your exceptional business skills and not the fact that you love cats.  The last thing you need is for them to draw on any stereotypes instead of the business at hand.

Also, a good tip to remember is that “after hour” jewelry can make you look unprofessional.  Big hoop earrings or over sized rings are better left for the weekends.  Bracelets can be very distracting as well as noisy especially if you are a hand talker and best avoided.

A great way to keep attention towards your face is with a pair of stud earrings that have a bit of sparkle and/or a simple necklace that hits around your collar bone.  Now I am probably the biggest fan of the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to wearing jewelry, but even I know there is a time and place and when you are looking to land a corporate gig and the interview room is not it.  When in doubt go classic and small like the lovely lady pictured above.

I am of the philosophy that more is more when it comes to jewelry.  I believe that metal should be mixed and stones of every color and size can and should be piled on all together.  The difference between a dressed person and a someone with style is how they accessorize.  My former boss Nora Kogan, the designer behind St. Kilda Jewelry, is an expert at this more is more way of accessorizing.    I was lucky enough to be around her on a daily basis and soak up the design inspiration she provided me.  Here are some of the combinations she would wear on any particular day.  You can check out her jewels at and she also has a great blog at