One of the easiest and most stylish ways to update any outfit is definitely a statement necklace.  Yes, the statement necklace is still the standout accessory that makes a look completely unique and eye-catching.
Big bold necklaces can be expensive but not if you make them yourself!  Here are three examples of stunning necklaces that are surprisingly simple to make.  No pattern to follow, just have fun and get messy with it.  Don’t theses pieces look as if someone just scooped a bunch of jewels from a treasure chest then just threw then on?  Well, that is the exact look I was going for, and you can do it too!  The beauty of this type of jewelry is that you can’t go wrong.  Tangle and tie chains together and when I find the perfect layout I secure the chains with jump rings. You can use finer materials such as sterling silver chain or gold filled chain or just chains that you have left over.  Either way it’s sure to be a hit.  Once you have the perfectly tangled chains put together take your choice of gemstone beads or some vintage brooches to give it an even more glamorous look.  You can find everything you will need for this project at  So go out there and make a mess of a statement and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!