Healingjewellery is hand made jewellery using gold or silver, Semi-precious and precious stones and crystals, it is jewellery that is designed for the healing of health, emotional or spiritual problems.
The jewellery is bespoke to the clients needs and is therefore a one off piece.

“The jewellery process is one that takes a lot of time, consideration and research as to the crystal that would best suit the wearer’s needs whether they be physical mental or emotional. This involves dowsing over birth charts and numerous crystal charts and checking on the compatibility of the wearer and the crystal.

The crystals are then cleansed before making and once again after and also energised with the sun or moon light and then programmed with Reiki. The Beaded work can take anything from 5 to 10 hours depending on the intricacy of the jewellery and also depending on the wearers requirements where there is a single crystal or multiple crystals.”

If you are interested in seeing more of their jewelry please visit there site here.